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  1. Thank you for choosing the Blush & Neutral Naturals Collection!

  2. Fill us in on the details and we will put together your invoice. At this time we manually create these invoices and will email them directly to you within 2-3 business days!

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    Choose your ribbon color here! If you are also in need of additional arrangements, we are able to add on these items for additional costs--just let us know!

  6. Delivery & Pickup Details

    This collection is priced for client pickup at Kim Moody Design Richmond or Blackstone studios on the day before or day of your event. Delivery fees start at $295 for one drop-off location within 60  miles of our Blackstone studio. Anything outside of 60 mile radius will be $.68/mile. This can be your getting ready, ceremony, OR reception location. No pick-up by KMD is required as all items are for client to keep. 

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